Flick Pest Control Academy
Flick Pest Control Academy

Flick Academy is offering the following courses

Structural Pest Control (5 Days)

This course offers the basic and general operations of pest control; it also teaches pest control trainees the methods of applications and the Health & Safety regulations and practices to be adhered to in the daily practice of a PCO (Pest Control Operator).

Our courses are conducted in 5 days which consist of 3 days of Theory in class at Flick Academy and 2 days of onsite practicals with real clients and real situations.

Pest Control Practical Programme with P number Reg. (6 Months)

The six months practicals programme to get a P number (Practise Number) which is the practice number that allows a candidate to practice legally as a fully-fledged qualified technician. We offer the programme at Flick for six months and get the candidate registered with the Dept. of Agriculture.

Fumigation Course (3 Days)

This course covers Bag and bulk fumigation procedures, the technicians will learn about the different gases used for fumigation of different commodities like Food, Wood, Ships and others. The student will be taught about the safety procedures and ISPM (International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures) 15 regulations under Act 36 of 1947.

Weed Control (3 Days)

Weed Control Course will train students on application and dilution rates of herbicides and the different types of weed and how to treat and control weeds. The safety measures to be taken when conducting these applications.

To enquire about prices and Course dates please enquire at:

Flick Environmental Services Offices (011) 444 1033.

Website link: https://www.flickacademy.co.za